Who We Are

Dr. Wafaa Yedisu is the owner and designer for all the jewelry of Divine Crystal Souls. Dr. Wafaa is a professor of Metaphysical Science, Ancient Egyptian Healing Metaphysics, Angelic Healing.  She is a fine Artist graduated from Fine Arts Faculty, Helwan University, Egypt 1993. She is member of Syndicate of Plastic Arts, Egyptian National Committee, International Association of Art and UNESCO.

Dr. Wafaa is the founder and president of:

--Yoga Federation of Egypt, Africa and Middle East.

- International Healing and Metaphysics Federation.

 Dr. Wafaa is well known as Guruwafaa all over the world. She is a spiritual guide with Ph.D degree and International  Metaphysical Practitioner degree with membership of International Metaphysical Ministry as International Ordained Minister of Metaphysical Science. Dr.Wafaa is a well known TV yoga and healing shows presenter on Nile Sat Channels and her name and work are all over news papers and magazines worldwide.

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Why Us?

We are the ONE and the ONLY who use the Science of Art Metaphysics to create one piece of jewelry that gives physical, mental, emotional, spiritual release and human system balance.