Our Services

Treatment and Consultation 



You can have consultations by Dr. Wafaa Yedisu Online through Skype before, during or/and after you get your jewelry. For that you need to book a consultation session through our contact form.

price: 600$ per session in individual consultation.


- Choose from our Website

You can choose from our "Ready to go " Pieces on our website:  Look at each piece , meditate on the photo, feel it, read the main information under each piece and let your system choose what it then send to us your order. 

See the " ready to go " available piece on  photo gallery page on this website.

 For ready to go new collection, visit our website: jewelry by Dr. wafaa Yedisu and



Education and Tools


We present  Educational Programs with International Practitioner Diplomas by Divine Crystal Souls. Study the Ionization by Light scientific method with us and become one of the rare gemologist who study this scientific method.

We provide all Tools and material of study for free with the fees of the hours of study. 3 courses for complete study.

price: 5000$ for 1 course 3hours


Community Service and Events

All financial benefit of Divine Crystal Souls® goes by Dr. Wafaa Yedisu to Autistic Children researches and Orphans in Egypt, Africa and Middle East every year. We invite all our students, friends and members of associations to attend and share the great event every year.

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